Nigerian Dwarf First Fresheners

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Milk and Show

If you're in search of Nigerian Dwarf first fresheners for sale, then you're in luck! These miniature goats are well-known for their friendly demeanor, small size, and milk production. The Nigerian Dwarf females available for purchase have recently given birth to baby goats, which only adds to their appeal. Caring for Nigerian Dwarf goats requires ample space, fresh water, quality hay or pasture, and balanced feed to keep them healthy. For those interested in milk production, selecting females with good milking lines is essential as they can produce up to two quarts of milk per day. These adorable Nigerian Dwarf females and their babies are sure to make wonderful additions to any farm or homestead.

Loblolly Pine Shadow

Nigerian Dwarf Farm
  • Sire: Chewbacabra MCCD Moonstone
  • Dam: Lone Sycamore Sara Smile
  • Sire's Sire: Mini Cedar Creek Derringer
  • Sire's Dam: Little Tots Estate Angelite
  • Dam's Sire: Wooly Dog Down Rafe Hollister
  • Dam's Dam: AGS Country Charm Ruth